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My Zoos

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내비게이션 라이프 스타일
개발자: Two Bulls
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My Zoos gives you quality information on showcase zoos around the world. More zoos are being added to the app daily. Dont see a zoo near you? Email us with your favourite park or contact your park authority and ask them to join!

Easily access fascinating stories and amazing features for the zoos that interest you most, in ways you’ve never seen before. Search for zoos by keywords, or browse by key features such as birdwatching or fishing.

Every zoo has a story to tell, and the My Zoos app opens up a whole new world of stories to zoo visitors. Historical and cultural features, significant flora and fauna, fascinating facts, and community facilities can all be highlighted through interactive maps and personal guided tours.

Zoo authorities maintain up-to-date official information for each of their zoos, making the My Zoos app the ideal platform for zoo visitors to turn to when they need relevant and high-quality information, at any time, any day of the year.

To have your favourite zoo added, direct your zoo management to to join the network for free.